With over two decades of both professional mentoring and life coaching in the health and fitness industry, Devon Jenkin has created her own unique training foundation customized towards her client’s own fitness goals and lifelong ambitions.

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Shooting Stars have become a master Mentor Fitness coach and business model trainer for Shining Stars. Shooting Stars walk the Shining Stars step by step coaching them how to set up and run their Mentor Fitness business model set up successfully. The Shooting Star will encourage the Shining Star with excellent service, encouraging positive reinforcement, and continuous support to help build confidence in their ability to run their Mentor Fitness business.

The Mentor Fitness Business – Shining Star package includes:
  • Transition to training and supporting Shining Star’s business model set up:

  • ​​​Set up their own LLC

  • Business insurance

  • Business licenses

  • Grant funding for their business

  • Support with introduction to key business associates

  • ​​​​​Business lawyers

  • Accountants

  • Social media marketing experts

  • Network groups

  • Government funding companies

  • Support with their corporate documents business

  • Help build and network their business with follow-up to ensure their business is set up correctly and running smoothly.

  • Travel opportunities for growing your potential Shooting Star business

  • Receive a percentage of each Shining Star business they become a Shooting Star.

  • Mentor Fitness website page with your Shooting Star, Rock Star, and Rising Star mentees.

  • Ongoing Marketing Support – we market your business on social media, webinars, ads, radio, SEO, YouTube, etc.

  • We help you set up your webinar coaching business

  • Marketing Funnels

  • Email blasts

  • Set up appointments

  • Receiving financial payments online

  • Social media marketing

  • How to set up products for sale – receive passive income

  • We will show you how to publish your book on a global level

  • We coach and support you to market your book as a motivational speaker

  • Equipment needed for classes – wireless mic units and duffle bag w/fitness equipment.

  • Ongoing leadership motivation, support, and marketing your business

  • Team building support