With over two decades of both professional mentoring and life coaching in the health and fitness industry, Devon Jenkin has created her own unique training foundation customized towards her client’s own fitness goals and lifelong ambitions.

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You will be living out the inscription of your dreams with your transition story in the making.  Your confidence in your talents and gifts will be explored with passion for greatness in all aspects of your life. You are on your way to shine!


Become an intermediate Mentor – work towards the Super Star advance program to become a lead mentor and potential business owner. Rock Star is the second phase of Mentor Fitness programs. The Rock Stars have overcome the Mentor Fitness ‘lifestyle bootcamp’ and are now ready to take on the challenge of becoming solid in fitness, finance, and foundations for optimal success.

Rock Star fitness life coaching package includes:
  • 4 -  one on one 20minute mentor Skype calls per 6 week course.

  • 6 program group support webinars – one per week.

  • 4 BMIC Fitness classes per week for the 6 week program, plus one bonus class per week.

  • Every other week personal training program design through Trainerize app.

  • Weekly BMI measurements for tracking metabolic changes.

  • Weekly analysis of types of calories in and calories expended through daily functional fitness.

  • Goal setting and accountability to achieving goals.

  • Start building lifestyle story that bring in passive income opportunities.

  • Business network opportunities on our website and strategic marketing.

  • Lead a team of Rising Stars