With over two decades of both professional mentoring and life coaching in the health and fitness industry, Devon Jenkin has created her own unique training foundation customized towards her client’s own fitness goals and lifelong ambitions.

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Mentor Fitness packages includes the BMIC Fitness program classes, weekly group support and one on one webinar training lead by professional certified instructors who will inspire everyone in their personal and professional goals, nutrition support with latest research, weight loss, and enthusiasm to help each individual to get result driven goal-oriented support.  Mentor Fitness packages offer growing opportunities for each participant to achieve their personal greatness with climbing up the ladder to reach new levels of success with encouragement, empowerment and embrace. Mentor Fitness is for all walks of life – from the streets to the wealthy.

One on one Skype call

Programs Offered

Rising Star

Rock Star

Super Star

Shining  Star

Shooting Star

Mentor Fitness Goal Coaching 

Personal book development

Group support and accountability

Weekly BMI progress report

6 program group

support webinars - one per week

3 BMIC Fitness per week

3 - 5 BMIC Fitness

classes per week

Business Network - Mentor Fitness networks your busness

Mentor Fitnesss Business License

Mentor Fitness business model ownership

Mentor Fitness multi level business owner and coach

Mentor Fitness motivational speaker

Mentor Fitness Book published

Unlimited BMIC Fitness classes per week

Mentor Fitness book finalized

Weekly personal training program design

Business Network - Mentor Fitness networks your business

Mentor Fitness business development